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Hey Everyone,

So with my new book coming out, I wanted to pop on here and provide an update for everyone. Five books is a lot, and with the way I’ve been changing covers, and switching things around series wise, I’m sure some of you are confused. So below I have laid out the reading orders for each of my series as they stand right now.

I will add though, The Devereaux Witches series has 3 sections to it. One with Rebekah, one with Alix, and one with Freya a Devereaux we have yet to meet.

If you’re still confused, don’t hesitate to reach out here, or via Twitter, or even Instagram. I’m always around to help.


ONE: Eyes of the Grave

  • Eyes of the Grave is the start of Rebekah Devereaux’s story

TWO: Wicked Raven

  • Wicked Raven is the start of Alix Devereaux’s story


ONE: Hell Bound

  • Hell Bound follows the journey of Cassie and Benedict. It is set in the Devereaux universe but does not include a Devereaux

TWO: Hades Rekindled

  • Hades Rekindled is the title of book 2. It is not out yet, but the blurb is listed on Goodreads. It’s coming soon.


ONE: Howl

  • Howl is the romance of two werewolf/shifters Evie Corwin and Jamie Hart.
  • This is currently a standalone, but I do have hopes to continue the story in the future.


ONE: Fae-tal Attraction

  • Fae-tal Attraction is about Piper Ortega who gets kindapped by the fae prince, Nik Winters.
  • There will be 4 books in this series, one for each of the 4 brothers you meet in book one.

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