The Underworld Trilogy


An Underworld Novel

Cassie Drake is a thief. A world class thief. If it’s ancient, dangerous, and more often than not illegal to own, Cassie knows where to find it or how to get it. Educated by the finest tutors, and professors after her parents’ deaths, she has turned every bit of their imparted wisdom into a profitable business and she couldn’t be happier.

At least that was the case until one night when, after returning home from a dig in Cairo, a package appeared on her desk with a note from her mother. Maybe you can finish what we started.

Benedict Black is the Immortal. The owner and ruler of an independent territory right at the heart of London. Infamous among the witches as a ruthless man that sold his soul to live forever. He prides himself on being discreet, put together, and deadly when necessary.

So when the two collide during a drunken altercation outside Benedict’s club, sparks fly in more ways than one. It becomes increasingly clear that they’ve been drawn together by something. Fate, history, destiny. Neither one can be sure, but as they work together to solve her mother’s riddle, only one thing is certain. They have to find the answers or both of them will be consumed by the fire.

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Hades Rekindled

An Underworld Novel

Cassie is alive, and Benedict….is sleeping. At least that’s what it looks like. After getting him home from the catacombs in France, she couldn’t wake him up, and that’s exactly what Cassie has spent the last two weeks trying to fix. But there’s only so much a girl can do when Marcus Veil wants her head on a silver platter. Juggling new expectations, new desires, and a world of secrets she never imagined her heart can’t take much more.

Benedict Black lived a life of headonism, surrounded by figures like Byron and Shelley, but it never felt like enough. It never felt like he had a purupose until Melonie appeared at The Archeron. She was a breath of fresh air. A little sister that he came to love. A smiling face that followed him everywhere, and yet…with all good things, it came to the worst end possible.

Can Cassie save him from himself? Only time holds the key.

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