“Top tier urban fantasy.”

Callahan crafts magic beautifully and dangerously”

“Werewolves and witches, oh my!”

Welcome Readers!

As you can tell from the new heading on this site, and my social media I am now @AuthorChelseaCallahan (AuthorChelseaC on Twitter) in the social media verse.

For now my website will remain thewritingdruid.com, but just so we’re clear I am NOT a practicing Druid. My old name was born from a search for an online identity, a brand. I am a writer, I love playing Dungeons and Dragons campaign. So I put together The Writing Druid, and for a time that spoke to me. But time changes all things, and now I am offically a Paranormal & Fantasy Romance writer, and felt it was time to embrace that.

I love stories. I love the power they can have on our daily lives, and love how they can inspire us to be brave, and help us find the courage go after than things we want whether it be in the world of romance or the boardroom.

If any of my covers catch your eye you can find the links via the tabs at the top of the page. Also…Check out the trailers down below while you’re at it! They were made by the fabulous Anna Mocikat.

Don’t hesitate to reach out o me on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or Facebook.

Thanks for Reading!



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