The Changeling Duology


Book One in The Changeling Duology

The Heirs to Queen Mab were once a great power in the capital city, Taliesin, but that was years ago before the horrific murder of their entire family changed the course of Fae history forever. At least that’s what they want you to think.

Nikki Thorn has been on the run for years. Hiding from the demons in her past, and the very real monsters that lurk in the present. Everyone believes she’s dead and that’s how she likes it, but when an old mentor comes out of the shadows with an ultimatum, she finds herself cornered.

Her only choices are to either embrace her power, and join the sexy and mysterious men who run the Archive deep within the city, or be thrown back into the jaws of the very demon she’d worked so hard to escape.

This Why Choose Romance is perfect for fans of Sarah J Maas and Anastasia.

Sexual content, displays of claustrophobia, references to physical and mental abuse, foul language.

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