The Devereaux Witches


The Devereaux Witches Series #1


With one touch Rebekah Devereaux can either solve a murder or prevent one. So, when one of her would-be clients turns up dead in the middle of Lafayette Cemetery, and all signs point to Rebekah being the killer, this private detective must employ her special abilities to discover the truth.
With the help of her intrepid cousin, and estranged husband; Rebekah sets off on the hunt for the killer, diving into the secrets of her past.
Killer or not, she has to find the answers, before someone else turns up dead.


The Devereaux Witches Series #2

Three years ago, a little less than two weeks before her wedding, Alix Devereaux watched The Raven murder her fiancé, as the brownstone they loved went up in flames. Desperate for answers, and revenge she spiraled into the darkest parts of herself, using magic and drugs to keep from burning out as she hunted for the creature that killed Rhys. The Raven was an enigma unlike anything she’d ever faced and to catch it Alix abandoned everything and everyone she held dear.

But after three years away, Alix has returned to New York City to pay her respects on what would’ve been Rhys’s thirtieth birthday. Re-entering her past life grows more complicated with every second she spends in the city. Old enemies are out for her blood, new enemies are lurking in the shadows, and The Raven has left her a gift, in the form of a dead witch on Rhys’s grave.

With some help from her old friends, Alix races to find the monster before he can kill again, because this time she just might be next.

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