Fae-tal Attraction Chapters 1 & 2

Warning the chapters below are 18+ for sexual content and foul langauge. This the begining of a dark paranormal romance.

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            Bracing one foot on the door, just above the latch, and using the other for balance, Piper tipped her head back against the brick bathroom wall. Normally she didn’t like wearing skirts to work, but at this moment, she couldn’t deny the benefits.

            Below her the blonde, who’d been staring at her chest for over an hour at the bar, pushed aside the string of her thong. Piper’s toes curled in her boots, and she felt a shaky finger trace the seam of her sex.

            “You ready, baby?” The girl giggled, teasing her again with another ineffectual stroke.

            Piper bit back the urge to groan and looked down into the girl’s hazy blue eyes. “I only get fifteen minutes for my break.”

            The girl’s cheeks blushed pink, and she bit her lip. “Do you want to stop?”

            “God no.” Piper exhaled. She needed this. After fighting with her roommate Davia, and then getting forced to work a double shift, she was so tense she thought she might break a pool stick over someone’s head.

            The girl, whose name she sadly couldn’t remember…was it Stacy…smiled and her fingers found Piper’s clit. “Alrighty then.”

            Pressing her lips together, Piper leaned her head back against the wall once more and the blonde spread the lips of her sex wide to draw her tongue across the bundle of nerves at the apex of Piper’s thighs. Piper’s toes curled instantly, and she shifted her hips to guide her new friend into the right position.

            “That’s right,” she gasped, threading her fingers into the girl’s hair. “Right there.”

            Taking that as encouragement the blonde began licking faster, swirling her tongue around in circles. Piper’s thigh began to twitch as her release raced to the surface, tingling over her skin, building, and building, but it wasn’t enough.

            “Put a finger in,” she instructed, trying desperately to block out the sound of someone giggling by the sinks outside the stall.

            Stacey, or whatever her name was, listened slipping one digit inside her, and Piper moaned into the back of her hand. She’d had much better, but this was exactly what she needed in the moment, and she was so close, just a few more strokes…

            Another finger forced its way inside her, stretching her walls, and the lips against her sex began to hum. Piper’s body clenched around the pumping fingers, and she came with a strangled cry. “Oh, fuck.”

            Her orgasm shook her from her head to her toes, and as she forced a deep breath through her lungs, she lowered her legs, and smiled at Stacey.

            “Mmm, that was good,” the girl purred leaning into her, brushing her breasts against Piper’s body as she rose. She made to kiss her, and Piper pressed a hand to the girl’s chest.

            “I don’t kiss,” she said. “But I will do this…”

            Grabbing her by the shoulders Piper pivoted them around, pressing her into the wall, and shoved a hand up under the girl’s skirt. Stacey gasped in surprise and then moaned like a porn star as Piper’s fingers slid over her soaking wet thong.

            “Wow,” she chuckled. “Is this all for me?”

            “Oh, baby, that feels so good,” Stacey whimpered.

            Piper had barely touched her. Sliding a finger beneath the fabric, she scratched her nails lightly over the girl’s tender flesh, and Stacey, shook violently, nearly cumming in her arms. Rolling her eyes, Piper slowly circled her thumb around the girl’s clit, and she trembled.

            “Brace yourself,” Piper warned, as Stacey began to fall into her arms a little more. She smelled like sugar and cheap tequila.

            Stacey whimpered, forcing herself back against the wall, and while she had her eyes closed, Piper checked the time on her watch. Her break was over in five minutes. She had to make this quick.

            Circling her thumb around again, she slid two fingers down along the seam between Stacey’s legs, and then plunged one finger inside, testing the girl’s readiness. She smiled wider, and a second finger joined the first. Piper pressed her palm against Stacy’s clit hard, grinding in as she pumped her fingers rapidly, stroking her front wall.

            Every touch elicited a whimper, a moan, or some combination of the two. She was so close. Her entire body shaking around Piper’s fingers.

            “Hey,” she whispered. “Look at me.”

            Stacey lifted her head, searching weakly for Piper’s eyes. Piper smiled and with her free hand captured one of her pebbled nipples between her forefinger and thumb, pinching it through the thin fabric of the girl’s tee-shirt. She twisted it roughly to the side, and Stacey screamed as her orgasm ripped through her frail little frame.

            Her hands grabbed at Piper’s arm, and wrist, holding her in place as she jerked in time with the waves of her release, milking it for every ounce of pleasure she could find.

Once Piper was sure the girl wouldn’t pass out, she pulled her fingers free and sighed.

            “Break time’s over, I’ll see you around,” she said, opening the stall door.

            Sure enough, two girls stood at the sinks, staring wide eyed at her. Blushing violently, they watched as Piper flipped on the faucet in the sink and began washing her hands.

            The stall door opened again, and looking over her shoulder in the mirror, Piper saw Stacey staggering out, her cheeks flushed from the encounter. They locked eyes for a second, and then she noticed the other girls.

            “H-hey,” she said weakly.

            “Sammie, we were looking for you,” one of them said, clearing her throat. Anthony is at the bar waiting for you.”

            Sammie. That’s right. That’s what her name was. Piper thought, as she scrubbed her hands. She felt bad for forgetting it, but sometimes the people she met in the bar all tended to blend together.

            “I…I…” Sammie cleared her throat. “Let’s go to another bar. Make this a…pub crawl.”

            Piper pressed her lips together and focused on her own hair in the mirror. Sammie wasn’t the first to instantly regret being with her. Drunken flings were meant to be fun, but all Piper ever saw them as was transactional.

            Fixing her thick brown bangs and tightening the messy bun on the back of her head, she rolled her neck and shoulders. The tension of her day had melted away just as she was hoping, but she still had three more hours to work behind the bar. A feat that came with its own frustration.

            The door to the stall next to where she’d been with Sammie opened and a familiar face stepped out smiling from ear to ear. “You have no shame.”

            Piper snorted. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

            Davia laughed. “You just destroyed that poor little baby Bi in front of her friends, and you know it. Her boyfriend or whatever he is out there isn’t going to last the week.”

            “That’s not my fault.” Piper shrugged, eyeing her roommate’s skintight leopard print pants, and black leather bustier. She knew from experience that under those pants, and between her breasts Davia had at least two knives hidden on her person. A habit they’d both picked up after spending a few years working the bars on Bourbon Street.

            “When do you get off tonight, is there any chance we can get our dance on before you head back into your cave?” She asked, flipping her long black hair over her shoulder.

            “I worked a double today. I’m done in exactly three hours, but you better believe I am going home, taking a nice hot shower, and going to bed. 

            “Oh, no come on. You’ve been such a party pooper since the Fae outed themselves to the world. It’s like you ‘ve forgotten how to have fun.”

            Piper pursed her lips together. This was the same exact fight they’d had when she’d woken up at noon for her shift. Davia had been complaining for weeks, that she didn’t go out anymore, but that was only because she didn’t know the truth about the Fae. She saw them as hot, fun, and wild. She wasn’t there like Piper was when the Fae killed her parents. She wasn’t there to watch the claws rip from that creature’s hands as it tore into her mother.

            Shaking away the memories, Piper turned to the door and shook the last of the water from her hands. “I’ve gotta get back before Frank throws a fit.”

            “Fine.” Davia sighed, following her out into the hall that led them back to the main room of the bar. “But you owe me a drink.”

            “I’ll pour it for you as soon as I’m back behind the—”

            Piper froze, looking at the room around them. Half the people had cleared out since she took her break, and the scent of rainwater and some sort of musk filled the air. She knew what that meant. There were fae in the crowd somewhere, trying to blend in.

            “Earth to space cadet,” Davia called waving her silver tipped nails in front of Piper’s face. “Are you okay? I thought you had to get back.”

            She blinked and took a deep breath pivoting back to the bar. “Yeah…right. Back to work.”

            Her friend chuckled following behind her, but Piper couldn’t put a solid thought together, let alone acknowledge her friend’s laughter.

            As she ducked under the gate, taking up her position behind the bar, A tall man with salt and pepper hair appeared at her side sliding a glass across the bar to one of the patrons.

            “It’s about time,” he grunted. “Were you fucking someone in the bathroom again?”

            “Jesus, Frank, you make it sound like I’m some kind of slut,” Piper teased. They both knew that in his day Frank had been ten times worse, and he had three kids to prove it, all from different mothers, all living in different parishes.

            “If the shoe fits, wear it,” he said, smiling.

            “So did you see them come in or did the mass exodus take you by surprise?” she asked, in between taking someone’s order, and pouring Davia a Long Island Iced Tea.

            “Oh, I saw them come in,” he said. “They’re at the table in the back corner. Requested bottle service.”

            “We don’t offer—”

            “You’re gonna have to do it,” Frank grunted, scratching at his beard. “If they come up to the bar, even one of them, we could loose the rest of our cashflow for the night.”

            “But I…I can’t…I don’t…”

            “Just do it,” he said. “I’ll cover your shift tomorrow for you and pay double for the last three hours tonight.”

            Piper jerked her head back. “I…I…okay, fine.”

            “They asked for a bottle of champagne, and three bourbons,” he said. “Pour them out, and just carry them over. That’s all you have to do.”

            Groaning, she pursed her lips. “You know, sometimes I hate this job.”

            “Yeah, but you love me, so it doesn’t matter,” he said, wandering off to help the next set of customers.

            Piper glared at his back and began gathering the stuff for the Fae. She poured out three standard glasses of their finest bourbon and snatched a bottle of unopened champagne sitting on the bottom shelf along the back wall of the bar. She didn’t care if they liked her choices. If they didn’t want it, she’d gladly shove it up their asses.

            She set the drinks down on the edge of the bar by the gate, ducking back out into the crowd, and balancing two drinks in one hand she tucked the champagne bottle under her arm, gritting her teeth against the cold, and carried the third glass in her free hand across the floor.

            It wasn’t hard to find the fae sitting in the back. There were only four tables where anyone could really sit back there, and out of the four only the largest in the back corner had anyone occupying the chairs. She counted four of them. Four fae, angled perfectly to see the dance floor and stage where their DJ for the night was controlling some sort of playlist. 

            Piper hesitated for only a second, taking in the sight of their midnight their exotically tanned skin, and the tattoos that lined their exposed flesh. Each drawing more intricate than the last.

            Approaching them as they were mid conversation, she set each of the bourbons down with a hard thud against the table, and then set the champagne bottle beside it. “I’ll be right back with some glasses for the champagne.”

            She turned to leave, and an ice-cold hand wrapped around her wrist hauling her to a stop. “Woah, wait a second.”

            Piper’s instincts took over and she spun back to the drinks, snatching one up off the table and turned, jerking her hand forward to toss the expensive liquid right in his face.

            She snarled. “Don’t touch me.”


            Nikolai Winters. That was the name on the fake ID his brother had handed him, and it took everything Nik had not to groan. The first name was right, but Winters? There wasn’t a more cliché name on the planet. As the crown prince of the Winter Court, naming him Winters was like turning on a neon sign above his head that said Fae Walking. And that didn’t even account for the smudged ink, and horrifying picture.

Just looking at it set his teeth on edge, but despite its poor quality, the bouncer at the door to the bar took one glance at it, and waved him on.  He didn’t seem to notice or care that it clearly wasn’t real. But why would he?

They were paid not to care at The Crescent. The owner was one of his mother’s most loyal servants before they went public. One of her spies. Not that he recognized the man standing behind the long cherry wood bar that lined the wall to his left. To his right there were tall tables, lining the walls, and a small dance floor in the distance in front of a stage where someone was controlling the music pumping through the speakers. Squinting past the low lights, he could see a set of pool tables in the back, but there wasn’t anyone playing on them.

Why his mother still invested in such place, he couldn’t say, but it was good enough. They found a table, and they were comfortable. At least, he was…until the waitress slapped him in the face with a decently poured glass of bourbon. Something only an uninformed human would’ve ever dared do to someone like him. If she knew who he was, Nik was positive she would’ve been begging him for her life, rather than glaring. Had they been in his mother’s territory, he would’ve had license to kill her for that kind of disrespect.

            “Don’t touch me,” she hissed. “I said I’ll be back with some glasses for your champagne.”

            “Right,” he said, licking the liquid from his lips, letting her go. The alcohol burned at the corners of his eyes, but he’d dealt with worse.

            The waitress stalked off and all three of his brothers burst out laughing. Half-brothers born before him to the women of his father’s harem, they always treated him like a child. They didn’t care that he was the only one among them in line for the throne, and he was envious of that. He didn’t appreciate their humor, of course, but he still wished he could be them. At least then the crushing pressure of being prince wouldn’t be sitting on his shoulders, even now as he was supposed to be out on the town, having a good time.  

            “Here Nicky,” Declan said, smacking him in the chest with a wad of napkins. “You might want to dry off before she comes back, lover boy. That was very smooth.”

            “Quiet you, you’re the one who wanted me to see if they served food,” he said, drying his face and dabbing at the cold stain spreading across the front of his shirt. There was no saving it, even as he licked another stray drop from his upper lip. “At least she has good taste in booze, that wasn’t cheap.”
            “Ooop, here she comes,” Ronan giggled, sinking in his chair, pretending to hide behind Fox’s shoulder. His green eyes were full of mischief, and the angle of the light above them made it look like he’d stuck his finger in a light socket. His red hair seemed to jut off in every direction.  

            The girl set four glasses on the table, choosing instead to move around to the open space between Declan and Ronan rather than approach him. Still, as she stood upright again, they locked eyes. She swallowed visibly, and then darted away before he could make another grab for her.

Frustrated, Nik turned, and glared at her retreating back. She stopped for a moment, shivered visibly and then marched on. His jaw dropped. There was only one reason a human would do that.

“She has The Sight,” he muttered under his breath. The Sight was rare. Beyond rare these days. Humans usually kept so far away from their kind, to have the sight was like winning a demented genetic lottery. He could only imagine the confusing things she’d seen and felt growing up. Pixies, imps, there were all kinds of walking nightmares the humans still didn’t acknowledge.

            Declan elbowed him in the side again. “Crushing on a human, brother? Do you really want to lower yourself that much? I hear they’re truly kinky in this town. So eager to tempt the dark side.”

            “Mmmm, that is exactly why I love New Orleans,” Fox said, tipping his glass to his brother.

            Laughing, Ronan added. “As if he could. A wild thing like that. She’d eat him alive.”

            Nik shifted in his chair and turned back to the drinks in front of them. He snatched the bourbon from Declan’s hand and drank it like a shot. He coughed once and set the glass down. “First of all, you know nothing about my sex life. I was taming humans at sixteen. Second, lowering myself? Who are you to talk? Last time I checked your pet Roxanna is human, and she’s in your bed every night.”

            “Mmm, Roxy, that girl. She’s the perfect pet. So obedient, but such a brat. The perfect amount of sass and sex. If I could spend every hour of the day buried inside her, I would.” Ronan chuckled, leaning back to prop a foot up on the empty chair that separated him from Declan.

            “She is a tasty morsal,” Fox agreed, his deep chuckle rumbling, barely audible over the music. “I had her all to myself for a week…it was so hard to give her back.”

            “You two are ridiculous,” Nik exhaled. “And disgusting sharing a pet like that. If I had one, I’d never let another male have her.”

            “Psssht, you have no idea what it’s like,” Declan said, waving him off.

            “Alright,” Fox chuckled, leaning on the table. “Enough of this. We came out here to cheer you up, get you out of the house. The least you can do is enjoy it.”

            “I was enjoying it,” Nik said. “But that becomes a little difficult when I’m not welcomed by the staff.”  

            “Go get her, show her whose boss,” Declan teased, elbowing him again.

            Nik swatted his arm. “Stop hitting me, asshole.”

            “You know what…” Ronan announced, popping forward in his chair, his eyes jumping from face to face around the table before they settled on Nik. “I have an idea that will save us from our boredom.”

            “Please share it with the class,” Nik said, trying again to dry his shirt. His anger still hadn’t cooled since the woman splashed him. This was his favorite shirt. It was soft, and comfortable, and drew enough eyes from the women of the French Quarter that he knew he looked good in it.

            “I have a bet for you. A challenge,” he said, wagging his eyebrows. “A gentleman’s wager, if you will.”

            Nik arched an eyebrow at him. Ronan of all people knew how much he liked to make wagers, but here in the human world? Their usual antics could get them into serious trouble.

            “What?” Ronan chuckled. “Chicken?”

            Nik leaned forward and grabbed the champagne from the center of the table. He poured some of the liquid into his empty glass, and watched the bubbles rise for a moment, considering how to proceed. “Name your terms.”

            “You’ve admired the sword of Gawain since we were young,” he said. “You were furious when I won it from you.”

            “Stole would be a better word for it. That fight was completely unbalanced,” Nik grumbled.

Losing the sword of Gawain to his half-brother had embarrassed him before the court and earned him a whipping from his father every night for a week. He still had scars crisscrossing his back from the ordeal.

            “Well, I will give you that sword if you conquer one thing.” Ronan smiled. “Just one.”

            Nik had a really bad feeling about this challenge, but he still had to ask the question. Ronan knew him well enough that it had to be a good one. “What?”

            His brother pointed a long finger at something behind him and smiled as wide as his thin lips would allow. “Her.”

            Nik groaned. He didn’t need to see who he was pointing at to know which her the bastard had picked. Fox was laughing too much for it to be anyone else.

            “Oh Ro,” Fox said, glancing past him. “That’s just cruel. I mean truly evil.”  

            Nik ignored the comment, glaring at Ronan. “Define conquer.”

            “Tame her. Make her your pet,” Ronan said. “Make her loyal, and obedient as Roxanna. Hell, make her better than that, and prove it to all of us by the Summer Solstice ball. If and only if you can manage that, then I will give you the sword.”

            “Like I said, cruel.” Fox whistled through his teeth. “A girl like that would never willingly spend time with one of us. She’s already thrown a drink in his face. How is he going to convince her to be his?”         

            Ronan shrugged. “What kind of wager would if be if there wasn’t a challenge to it?”

            “There has to be at least some chance for him of winning the wager,” he said.

            Nik nodded. “He has a point.”

            “Go old school,” he said. “Take her like the old fae used to, before we came out. Just…one caveat. You can’t get between her legs without her consent. Forcing yourself on her to break her wouldn’t be fair. We all know human women can’t resist us.”

            Nik’s eyebrows rose. “Old school. As in take her to Sidhe against her will, and feed her mirth root? My mother would kill me if she found out. We’re supposed to be putting on a good show for the public. Working with the humans…You’ve heard the speech.”

            “Very true, but our grandmother would love you.”

            Nik laughed. His grandmother would love him for taming a human. She hated that they’d gone public and was constantly lecturing him on what it took to be a strong king. She thought they should’ve marched their army across the border rather than a team of diplomats. She’d even paid the trainers to keep his swordsmanship skills sharp in case the Queen changed her mind. A strong king rides at the head of his army, no matter where they ride.

Still after his loss against Ronan in the games of the Green Knight, even she had begun to look at him with pity. Everyone had begun to doubt his convictions. Taming a human in front of them all could change that. If he did it right, it could change everything for him.

            Sipping the champagne, he glanced over his shoulder at the waitress. It took him a second to spot her through the crowd in front of the bar, but once he did, she shivered just like she had before, sensing his attention. He couldn’t deny she made him curious.

            At least half a foot shorter than him and stunningly beautiful, she had her dark hair swept up into a high bun on the back of her head, revealing the smooth swath of naturally tan skin that was her neck. The low V-neck of her tank top drew his eye down to beautifully round breasts that pulled the fabric tight enough he could see her nipples nearly pebbled, even at a distance in the low light.

            He was almost positive the only make-up she had on was around her eyes, and what a pair of eyes they were. Even in anger, they were electric. Carmel colored, and doe-like, but powerful enough to make it hard for him to breathe.

            “What do you say, brother?” Declan prodded, elbowing him for the third time.

            Nik closed his eyes and took a deep breath before he turned around. There was no backing down, no matter what he thought was right. If he said no, Ronan would never let him live it down.

            He held his hand out to his giggling brother across the table. “You’ve got a deal.”

            Ronan grinned. “You have six months.”



Nik’s brothers bet that he couldn’t tame a human. That he couldn’t make one his pet, and Nik has never been one to back down from a challenge. As crown prince of The Winter Court, weakness cannot be tollerated.

Piper has always prided herself on being strong and independant. As an orphan growing up in New Orleans, she had to be. After one of the fae murdered her parents, strength became her only option. She refuses to show weakness, willingly living her entire life on edge, especially now that fae have gone public.

So when Nik and his brothers kidnap her from a parking lot in the middle of the night. Everything gets wildly out of control. Neither one of them could’ve ever guessed that their worst nightmare would hold the key to their wildest dreams and darkest desires, or that both of them would want more. 

TW: Sexual content, bdsm content, pet/master relationships, foul langauge, violence, and emotional stress.

US Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09JMC7FP7

UK Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B09JMC7FP7

CA Link: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B09JMC7FP7

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