J’aime Paris

For tonight’s viewing we’ve selected a fresh new treat.


I love Lilly Collins. So no matter what the show was about I was gonna check it out eventually , but then I heard it was like Sex & The City and I was doubly sold. Sex & The City is classic for any girl in the US. Add Paris to that and im in heaven.

I personally took four years of high school French, and love the language. The city itself is on my bucket list. So a show where I can see more of the city and live vicariously through one of my favorite actress, sounds fantastic.

And it is.

I was a little annoyed by the overt sterotypes of the main character was portraying, but thats kind of the point and the show quickly makes up for it when Emily meets her sexy French neighbor.

After that, following Emily’s adventure trying to learn the culture while providing an american lens is almost addictive.

The clothes, the language, the food, the men. It’s all thoroughly decadent.

If only my neighbor was sexy as Gabriel! **swoon**hearteyes**

Im only halfway through the season and I give it ….⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The show is available on Netflix 🇫🇷

Bonsoir my friends!

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