In The Beginning…

Every writer starts at a diffrent spot. Some start with a character, some a plot, others a scene. And every approach if followed will eventually lead us all to a completed story.

Me, I start with a question.

Im constantly watching something. Whether it be on youtube, netflix, or some other streaming service. For example as I write this, Im rewatching Emily in Paris after I binge watched the entire season last night.

So I often run across shows or films that catch me off gaurd. At least a part of them does. It might be an underutilized idea that the plot doesnt follow, or a character that I think has the ability to steal the show, but gets forced into the background.

I take that character or idea into my head and then start playing the what if game. What if that character was female? What if that character had powers that did a little more?

I pick my answers and eventually it combines into a full fledged story. Or at least enough of one I can build off of.

Now for an example. My novel Eyes of The Grave began with a question.

What is essential in your life and how would you cope without it?

At the time I was watching something romantic or talking about relationships, I can’t remember exactly, but I turned the question into what do I need in a relationship that I find essential? My answer: Touch.

And I dont mean sex…I mean I do…but not just sex. Little touches. Holding hands, bumping arms, hugs, ect. So how do you cope when you can’t touch the one you love?

Not well. Obviously lol. So that introduced two amphormous characters and a conflict into my mind. Which then led me to question number two. Why can’t the lovers touch? And for me as a writer, I like magic, so that meant what kind of power would she have that wouldnt let her touch people?

The questions that followed developed my character, and then the character gave me a plot. And then I wrote a book !

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