Hey all while there’s only a few days left to snag The Stone Prince at the preorder price I have second preorder out now releasing in May!

If you read and enjoyed Hell Bound, get excited because BOOK 2 is coming soon! Hades Rekindled will be out May 25th

You’ll find the links to both of these stories below!


The people who get close to detective Katherine “Kat” James usually get burned. It’s why she keeps everyone at a distance, except her sister, Gemma. Kat likes her space, and loves catching criminals. It’s what she’s always been good at.

At least, that’s what she thought until the night Gemma called her, running for her life in Central Park. Kat races to the rescue, but her efforts are thwarted when dark creatures come crawling from the shadows. She tries to fight the monsters off, but the last thing she can remember is a man with the wings of a bat carrying her up into the clouds.

Philo Cross has been cursed for centuries. Half man, half beast, under the light of the moon, and a stone gargoyle during the day, he has lived in secret for too long. He is tired, and lonely, stuck in a loop. Forever mourning the loss of his one and only love, Sonja.

He never thought he’d see her face again, until he stumbled across a girl getting attacked in Central Park and brought her home.

Kat James lights a fire in him and as the past comes racing back to haunt them both, their intertwined fate forces to him to ask one question. Is this his second chance…to save her? 

US Link:

UK Link:

CA Link:


Cassie is alive, and Benedict….is sleeping. At least that’s what it looks like. After getting him home from the catacombs in France, she couldn’t wake him up, and that’s exactly what Cassie has spent the last two weeks trying to fix. But there’s only so much a girl can do when Marcus Veil wants her head on a silver platter. Juggling new expectations, new desires, and a world of secrets she never imagined her heart can’t take much more.

Benedict Black lived a life of headonism, surrounded by figures like Byron and Shelley, but it never felt like enough. It never felt like he had a purupose until Melonie appeared at The Archeron. She was a breath of fresh air. A little sister that he came to love. A smiling face that followed him everywhere, and yet…with all good things, it came to the worst end possible.

Can Cassie save him from himself? Only time holds the key.

US Link:

UK Link:

CA Link:

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