Character Art!

I first spotted Holly Bunn's art on Instagram when a fellow member of the Writing Community posted her commission. I loved the style and was instantly curious. Since then I've reached out twice and Holly (aka @obi_bunn_kenobi on Twitter and Instagram) has provided me with two wonderful pieces that have brought my characters to life!... Continue Reading →

October Projects Update

Published Eyes of The GraveCurse of the CrowDeja VuSmokeThe Dancer In progress Witch Doctor - Alix Devereaux #1Eyes of The Grave #2HellfireShort Story Collection Future Projects Alix Devereaux #3, #4, #5, #6....Eyes #3Freya Devereaux #1,#2,#3Various other ideas

Available Now!!

The Dancer – A Devereaux Witches Short Story – Benny’s life is far from what it seems and The Animator may be the only one who can shine some light on the words wirtten in the clay. Eden stays safe inside her shop. It is her sanctuary, but danger and secrets can slip through even... Continue Reading →

In The Beginning…

Every writer starts at a diffrent spot. Some start with a character, some a plot, others a scene. And every approach if followed will eventually lead us all to a completed story. Me, I start with a question. Im constantly watching something. Whether it be on youtube, netflix, or some other streaming service. For example... Continue Reading →

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