Great British Baking Show!

Let me start off by saying, I am addicted to the Great British Baking Show. Plain and simple. It is light hearted, fun, and fascinating. I personally have never been one for baking. The precision and math it requires are a bit too much for me. I've never been good at math. I'm almost positive... Continue Reading →

J’aime Paris

For tonight's viewing we've selected a fresh new treat. EMILY IN PARIS I love Lilly Collins. So no matter what the show was about I was gonna check it out eventually , but then I heard it was like Sex & The City and I was doubly sold. Sex & The City is classic for... Continue Reading →

Lie To Me !

The truth is written on all our least thats what Cal Lightman says, the lead character in Lie To Me. A show that quickly became one of my favorites a few years ago. From episode 1 the show drew me in. Cal Lightman is quirky and strange and dedicated to the truth, despite being... Continue Reading →

Under the Umbrella

In a time of social distancing and working from home. Its hard to keep in touch with your friends. Especially, when they're super geniuses that go off to another state for their phd. My solution, DISCORD. Well it was my friend's solution. He suggested we do a movie night, and now we've turned it into... Continue Reading →

A Discovery of Witches

My journey with a Discovery of Witches has been one of neon signs. I say this because when I first noticed A Discovery of Witches it was by accident. Id gone into Barnes & Noble looking for something else, and there it was on the same table with whatever Id gone searching for. The title... Continue Reading →

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