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Peter Pan, captain of the infamous floating city, Neverland, is as devilishly handsome as he is naughty. Beloved by his people, he lives a free, and unencumbered life, only bogged down by the weight of his duties to the city, and the things he has to do to protect it.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore when Gwen Darling stumbles off the latest ship to come into port. Running from her past, Gwen seeks sanctuary and a mentor. She has secrets, and is full of surprises, but as their connection grows, what neither of them realizes is that, in a world where magic and clockwork meet, truly anything can happen.

This story is a dark romance with threads of Peter Pan, Wizard of Oz and magic of a whole new kind. Beware, heavy sexual content, rough play, and depictions and discussions of violence.

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The Devereaux Witches Series #1


With one touch Rebekah Devereaux can either solve a murder or prevent one. So, when one of her would-be clients turns up dead in the middle of Lafayette Cemetery, and all signs point to Rebekah being the killer, this private detective must employ her special abilities to discover the truth.
With the help of her intrepid cousin, and estranged husband; Rebekah sets off on the hunt for the killer, diving into the secrets of her past.
Killer or not, she has to find the answers, before someone else turns up dead.


The people who get close to detective Katherine “Kat” James usually get burned. It’s why she keeps everyone at a distance, except her sister, Gemma. Kat likes her space, and loves catching criminals. It’s what she’s always been good at.

At least, that’s what she thought until the night Gemma called her, running for her life in Central Park. Kat races to the rescue, but her efforts are thwarted when dark creatures come crawling from the shadows. She tries to fight the monsters off, but the last thing she can remember is a man with the wings of a bat carrying her up into the clouds.

Philo Cross has been cursed for centuries. Half man, half beast, under the light of the moon, and a stone gargoyle during the day, he has lived in secret for too long. He is tired, and lonely, stuck in a loop. Forever mourning the loss of his one and only love, Sonja.

He never thought he’d see her face again, until he stumbled across a girl getting attacked in Central Park and brought her home.

Kat James lights a fire in him and as the past comes racing back to haunt them both, their intertwined fate forces to him to ask one question. Is this his second chance…to save her? 

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Nik’s brothers bet that he couldn’t tame a human. That he couldn’t make one his pet, and Nik has never been one to back down from a challenge. As crown prince of The Winter Court, weakness cannot be tollerated.

Piper has always prided herself on being strong and independant. As an orphan growing up in New Orleans, she had to be. After one of the fae murdered her parents, strength became her only option. She refuses to show weakness, willingly living her entire life on edge, especially now that fae have gone public.

So when Nik and his brothers kidnap her from a parking lot in the middle of the night. Everything gets wildly out of control. Neither one of them could’ve ever guessed that their worst nightmare would hold the key to their wildest dreams and darkest desires, or that both of them would want more. 

TW: Sexual content, bdsm content, pet/master relationships, foul langauge, violence, and emotional stress.


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Released October1st

Evie Corwin never wanted to come home. But back in Cape Luna for a family funeral, she soon finds that the wolf pack is as insufferable as ever. None more so than Jamie Hart. Or is he? Something seems diffrent about him that Evie can’t ignore. But can wolves really change? Has he?

Nothing is as it seems in the wolf pack.

TWs: Explicit sexual content, curse words, scary or possibly terror inducing depicitions.

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An Underworld Novel


Cassie Drake is a thief. A world class thief. If it’s ancient, dangerous, and more often than not illegal to own, Cassie knows where to find it or how to get it. Educated by the finest tutors, and professors after her parents’ deaths, she has turned every bit of their imparted wisdom into a profitable business and she couldn’t be happier.

At least that was the case until one night when, after returning home from a dig in Cairo, a package appeared on her desk with a note from her mother. Maybe you can finish what we started.

Benedict Black is the Immortal. The owner and ruler of an independent territory right at the heart of London. Infamous among the witches as a ruthless man that sold his soul to live forever. He prides himself on being discreet, put together, and deadly when necessary.

So when the two collide during a drunken altercation outside Benedict’s club, sparks fly in more ways than one. It becomes increasingly clear that they’ve been drawn together by something. Fate, history, destiny. Neither one can be sure, but as they work together to solve her mother’s riddle, only one thing is certain. They have to find the answers or both of them will be consumed by the fire.

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The Devereaux Witches Series #2

Three years ago, a little less than two weeks before her wedding, Alix Devereaux watched The Raven murder her fiancé, as the brownstone they loved went up in flames. Desperate for answers, and revenge she spiraled into the darkest parts of herself, using magic and drugs to keep from burning out as she hunted for the creature that killed Rhys. The Raven was an enigma unlike anything she’d ever faced and to catch it Alix abandoned everything and everyone she held dear.

But after three years away, Alix has returned to New York City to pay her respects on what would’ve been Rhys’s thirtieth birthday. Re-entering her past life grows more complicated with every second she spends in the city. Old enemies are out for her blood, new enemies are lurking in the shadows, and The Raven has left her a gift, in the form of a dead witch on Rhys’s grave.

With some help from her old friends, Alix races to find the monster before he can kill again, because this time she just might be next.

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