In The Beginning…

Every writer starts at a diffrent spot. Some start with a character, some a plot, others a scene. And every approach if followed will eventually lead us all to a completed story. Me, I start with a question. Im constantly watching something. Whether it be on youtube, netflix, or some other streaming service. For example…… Continue reading In The Beginning…

Under the Umbrella

In a time of social distancing and working from home. Its hard to keep in touch with your friends. Especially, when they’re super geniuses that go off to another state for their phd. My solution, DISCORD. Well it was my friend’s solution. He suggested we do a movie night, and now we’ve turned it into…… Continue reading Under the Umbrella

A Discovery of Witches

My journey with a Discovery of Witches has been one of neon signs. I say this because when I first noticed A Discovery of Witches it was by accident. Id gone into Barnes & Noble looking for something else, and there it was on the same table with whatever Id gone searching for. The title…… Continue reading A Discovery of Witches

What’s In A Name?

Many people have asked me in the past, why @TheWritingDruid. Well I’ll tell ya! A while back, when I was trying to set myself up as a good canadiate for agents, prior to querying my first novel, I read somewhere that it’s good to have a brand. It’s supposed to help you sell youself. So…… Continue reading What’s In A Name?

If There Must Be Order

If you’re looking for an order to my stories here is what I’ve got for you. Chronological Order Curse of the CrowDeja VuThe DancerSmokeEyes of the Grave Publication Order Eyes of the GraveCurse of the Crow Deja VuSmokeThe Dancer Recommended Order Curse of the CrowDeja VuEyes of the GraveSmoke The Dancer

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The Fourth Short Story in the Devereaux Witches Universe is almost here!! The Dancer – A Devereaux Witches Short Story – Benny’s life is far from what it seems and The Animator may be the only one who can shine some light on the words wirtten in the clay. Eden stays safe inside her shop.…… Continue reading AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER