Howl Chapter One

1    Natural selection is a bitch. Our world is built on the survival of the fittest, and that’s a fact whether we like it or not. No matter how hard we try we can’t change it, it just keeps happening. We’re all animals when it comes down to it. I learned that the hard... Continue Reading →


PREORDER NOW HOWL Evie Corwin never wanted to come home. But back in Cape Luna for a family funeral, she soon finds that the wolf pack is as insufferable as ever. None more so than Jamie Hart. Or is he? Something seems diffrent about him that Evie can't ignore. But can wolves really change? Has... Continue Reading →

WritingUpdate 8/25

Hey everyone, Just wanted to give everyone an update. Got some things coming down the line that should be fun and make you guys happy. First, I believe I updated everyone on the fact that I'm removing my Kindle Vella stories from Kindle Vella to work on them later. But I figured that bared repeating.... Continue Reading →

The Devereaux Short Stories

Devereaux Short Stories VOL.1 A world where curses can be bartered like money, Goddesses play kidnaper, clay can dance, memories are like smoke, and one touch could change everything! Follow Poppet, Viktor, Kate, and Eden Devereaux through this dangerous world. This collection in cludes 5 short stories, and poetry written by one of the characters.... Continue Reading →


HELL BOUND An Underworld Novel Cassie Drake is a thief. A world class thief. If it’s ancient, dangerous, and more often than not illegal to own, Cassie knows where to find it or how to get it. Educated by the finest tutors, and professors after her parents’ deaths, she has turned every bit of their... Continue Reading →

Hell Bound Paperback

Well isn't this a surprise. KDP was faster than usual. I thought I was being smart and setting up my paperback to release on 7/1 with the ebook, but nooooo, Amazon had to prove me wrong. HELL BOUND'S PAPERBACK IS AVAILABLE NOW !!!! HELL BOUND An Underworld Novel (COMING SOON ~ RELEASE 7/1/2021) Cassie Drake... Continue Reading →

Hell Bound Sneak Peek

CHAPTER ONE - CASSIE When Cassie was little, she used to wish for nightmares. Not because she liked being scared, but because she wanted something tangible to blame for how out of place she felt in the world. Who wouldn’t feel out of place in her world? Most thirteen-year-old girls, witch or not, don’t get... Continue Reading →

Eyes of The Grave

EYES OF THE GRAVE A Rebekah Devereaux Novel With one touch Rebekah Devereaux can either solve a murder or prevent one. So, when one of her would-be clients turns up dead in the middle of Lafayette Cemetery, and all signs point to Rebekah being the killer, this private detective must employ her special abilities to... Continue Reading →

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