Shadow & Bone

Okay, so I found book one a while ago. I think a booktuber had recomended it and I picked it up. I read book one. Loved the first half of the book. The aesthetics, the characters, they all felt amazing. But then things took a turn as the final 3rd of the book happened. Im pretty sure I didn’t finish reading it. I didnt like the choices Alina made or some of the choices the author made. It was a story I would’ve done very diffrently. Either way, I never read on to book 2.

So when the show was announced I was a little wary. At least I was right up untill they announced Ben Barnes would be playing The Darkling. Seeing him in that role actually knocked me out of my writing rut. So liking the story line or not I was 100% down to watch it the moment it came out.

And I did. I stayed up till about 4 am binge watching the entire season. And the show did not disapoint.

Ben was great as the Darkling. Alina was interesting. She held my attention and you could tell the two had real chemistry. But my biggest relief and surprise was that I liked Mal! Mal in the book for me was too flat. He didnt have enough life for me to root for him on his adventures. I just didnt care about book Mal. But Show Mal was great. He had me going “Awww” and “Oh no!” And all that comes with rooting for a character.

Then of course there was the addition of the Crows. In the books the Crows story takes place way after book 1 Shadow & Bone. But in this show we’ve been give a beautiful prequel. We get to see the Crows pre book. And they are glorious. The way they worked together, and embodied their characters made me squeal with joy.

Still my favorite part of the show will always be Milo. If you havent seen it. Go watch lol.

Show Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Book: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Also P.S. dont forget my novels are both on sale untill the end of the month.

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