An Angel Tries to Surprise the Humans

You wouldn’t think that Heaven could be boring.
You wouldn’t think after seeing that place,
up there, that I would want to come here.
The truth though is that I find humans
funny little beings.

I once saw a kid fall hard on concrete
when their friend pulled out their chair.
You all laughed. Why is it funny
when someone hurts? You do that
then cry endlessly when they are gone.
I saw someone eating and food
falls on their shirt. Why is it
you joke when someone slips up?

I’ve seen the power of God a little bit.
You come to someone’s side
when they can’t be strong
again that bully alone.

You do things just because
some says you can’t. You’re daring
but then you are afraid, even though
you pretend you’re not.

A lot of things that would shock me
don’t even bother you. You don’t think
you’re lost but you go to war,
surround yourself with death, all for
things you don’t understand.

You think you know what you’re doing
but you doubt God’s existence
and mine. Faith is lost on so many of you.
Then when life is almost over; you throw
yourselves to the pulpit begging
for the holy love only a doubted God can give.

Like I said
I find you funny…you little specks
wasting your money on gambling.
That is why I am standing here
on a low roof top in Atlantic City
New Jersey. Right next to the busy

boardwalk…a carnival of simple
emotional beings.

Out of all the emotions I’ve seen,
what I crave from you the most is surprise.
But today it seems
hard to come by.

So, I have a plan.

Standing up, I stretch my wings.
I smile down looking to the crowded
bustling walkway.

Not one of you is looking up.
to one of you has your eyes open.
Are you all blind to me?

Is it true you’ve lost sight
of what’s important? Is it
fathomable you really
have lost sight of the divine?

I thought maybe I could surprise you,
maybe I could teach you how to believe
again, but no…

Only a child looked up.
A little girl with pink bows in her hair
squinted up at me and tried to tell her mom
but like everyone else,
her mother didn’t care.

By: Chelsea Callahan

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