Newly on Netflix, Evil has been haunting me. Every time I go searching for a show it pops up, so I finally gave in and….im not sure how I feel. There are parts about it I like, but then there are things I don’t.

It’s got a fantastic premise.

A skeptical woman, who’s an expert in deciphering someone’s mental status, gets fired from her job and starts working with a would-be priest and tech expert, under the employ of the Archdiocese to investigate the validity of Exorcism requests, and Miracle sightings.

That sounded awesome to me, and the guy who played Luke Cage was one of the lead characters. So I watched. And it’s good. They basically go around debunking people who’ve claimed to be possessed and what not.

It’s interesting to see how they find explanations for things. But seven episodes in, I changed the show. Which for me, isn’t good. I’m normally a binge watcher. If I start a show, and all the episodes are available, I tend to watch it from start to finish. But with this, I wanted something new.

Not because it’s bad or I didn’t like the story, but because seven episodes in, I felt like there should have been some sort of shift in the argument of “Are demons real? Or is it all fake?”. Every episode gave you reasons to suspect it might be, and then gave you just as many to think…nope something else is going on here.

The show is all about that question, and each character has their own level of belief or skepticism. It’s what drew me to the show past episode one. But, I feel like on some level, even if the characters hadn’t realized it yet, by episode seven the viewer should have a clearer picture as to where the show is pointing. For me to hang on, and ride out the story line, there has to be some kind of answer or at least the illusion of one.

I don’t know, I may have misread the message of the show. I may have missed some details.

I’m not sure I’ll go back to it. Only time will tell.

But for now my rating is…


Available on Netflix

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