Prodigal Son !

I was sold on this show the moment I saw Michael Sheen. But then I heard what it’s about and I was like “sign me up. I want it now!” Which now that I say that it seems a little weird.

Prodigal Son is a show following former FBI consultant Malcolm Bright as he employs his unique knowledge of the serial killer’s mind to solve crimes in New York City.

Which on the surface, if you read my Murder TV post, makes it sound kind of simalar to Hannibal, but it’s soo much better.

The driving force behind this series is not a cannibal. It’s Malcolm. Malcolm and his hunt for answers. Because as you find out in episode Malcolm Bright is the son of an infamous serial killer known as The Surgeon, and suffers from extreme PTSD.

Stuck on a burried series of memories, he embarks on a journey to find the one mystery his father never answered. And his insanely broken family is forced to go along for the ride. As killers pretty much lurk around every corner!

I mean, the show is crazy, in the best possible way, and if you think you can predict what’s gonna happen your probably wrong. I know I was.

After watching episode one, My mother and I each made a prediction about how the season would end. Neither of us were right. I guessed only one thing about the plot that was correct the entire season, and I LOVED IT.

Then the way the season actually ends…..OMG. So good. No spoliers. But you have to see it.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐….I love this show. Seriously though there is an episode with a Count of Monte Cristo themed killer. How cool is that! In a completely fictional way of course lol

Available on Hulu.

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