Swamp Thing Ep1

Starts out strong. Horror vibes checking all the boxes. Creepy swamp at night, check. Three people who don’t seem like they should be doing what they’re doing, check. Then wham. The inciting action ensues.

After that plays out we get a cool looking credit sequence and we find out something is wrong in town. People are getting sick. So why not call Abby Arcane with the CDC? Who also happens to be one of our main characters.

Gotta say this is right up my alley. I mean, first of all, Classic comicbook name. Abby Arcane. The double A? I know its two diffrent companines, but Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, and now Abby Arcane. I love it.

As Abby sets off trying to find the cure, its already clear 10 minutes in that the town has a lot of secrets.

To avoid any spoilers, Ill just say like Hannibal put me off meat. This is making me take a second look at my plants!

This show is like Catnip for me. Cant wait to see what happens next. Love the spooky vibe. Its perfect for October.

Episode one gets ⭐⭐⭐⭐

4 stars because there is always room to improve or implode after episode one 😈

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