The Dresden Files

Harry Dresden has been described by his own author as the Charlie Brown of Wizards. And it’s so true.

Written by Jim Butcher The Dresden Files is an epic display of everything good about the Urban Fantasy genre. Its full of magic, mages, monsters, and most of them either want Harry dead or are ready to kill someone he cares about.

Page after page,things go wrong for Harry and by the skin of his teeth he cobbles together best defence he can, only to have things get worse.

Butcher is a master at scalling up the danger for his characters. His series just keeps getting bigger and better. But through it all, Harry Dresden is the plucky hero, with his spirit in a skull named Bob at his side. He never gives up, and he cares with all his heart.

Butcher originally came up with Dresden in college, while taking class with Deborah Chester. One semester he wanted to prove to her that all her little worksheets and ideas wouldn’t work for him, so he followed them to the letter and gave her the first chapter.

He thought his end product would be crap, but to his surprise the teacher loved it. She told him that it was publish worthy, and asked him to come back the following week with an outline for the rest. She of course meant the rest of the book, but he came back with an outline for a 20 book series.

No one ever told him he’d probably fail to sell a 20 book series. So, he went out and did it!

Im currently reading Peace Talks one of his newest books and while its fantastic, Im sad we’re on the tail end of the series.

It may have started a bit rough, but I cant wait to see what happens to Harry Dresden next!

Series Rating

Between Books 1 & 2 : ⭐⭐⭐ and a half.

The rest of the series to date: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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