TV vs Film

Do you watch the same kind of things on TV that you’ll go see in the movies?

My answer. Yes and no.

I am a huge fan of both TV and Film if that wasnt obvious. But I will not willingly go to see a horror film unless my best friend makes me. I do not like getting scared. I get nightmares too easily.

I do however love dark,creepy, and mildly scary television. Like The Exocist tv show, Hannibal, and Penny Dreadful. Why that is I couldnt tell you.

When it comes to Rom-Coms I prefer films. Watching a Rom-com TV just makes me feel like the plot has been done before. Its too predictable and it gets drawn out. They’re better in one shot.

I like mysteries on tv, like Prodigal Son, for exactly the same reason I dont like rom-com tv. Episodes allow the viewer more time to think about the plot. In a season of television there are more opportunities for the viewer to fall for the red herrings. There’s a higher chance of being surpised.

For Fantasy, Im torn. I love fantasy shows like Lost Girl,The Originals, and similar things like that. But at the same time, TV doesnt always get the budget of a film. So things like the new movie Dune will look a hell of a lot better on the big screen. Despite having enough story to work with in the sourse material you could make a long running tv show out of it.

What do you like better?

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