Roll the Dice

I stumbled upon Critical Role randomly, during my Geek & Sundry obsessed phase.

For those who don’t know, Geek & Sundry is an online hub for everything fun and interesting in Geek culture, created by the actress Felicia Day. Its really cool and you should check it out.

By connection, it is of course only right that a small show like Critical Role would start there.

Critical Role is group of surprisingly well known voice actors playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons. The show is shot in long form. So it’s approximately anywhere from 3 to 4 hours long. And it is currently over a hundred episodes long and counting

The show began a few games into their first D&D campagain and ran for about a hundred episodes every thrusday, untill the campagin completed. It was vastly entertaining and a true emotional rollercoaster.

I laughed, I cried, and I wanted more. The voice actors who play the game are so talented the characters feel real. You want them to win. You want them to succeed, and you want to see the mess up too, because it’s all so real and so much fun.

I was ecstatic when they came back for a second Campaign, which is well underway and just as good as the first if not better.

But the enjoyment of Critical Role doesnt stop at the show. After the show took off on Geek & Sundry’s platform, it gained thousands of veiwers. People all over the globe became obsessed, just like me. And their devotion to the show inspired to cast to break from Geek & Sundry to create their own platform.

Critical Role is now it’s own Twitch Channel and has been churning out content for its loyal viewers like crazy. Show after show its hysterical and impactful. This group of friends loves what they do and you can see it how the interact with their fans.

And their fans love them too. Not too long ago, the group decided to set up a Kickstarter in the hopes of earning enough money to create an animated special. Is only supposed to be about 2 hours long if I remember correctly.

When their followers heard about it things went crazy. In the span of 24 hours they had collected enough money to meet their goal and more. By the end of their campaign they had 11 million dollars from their fans alone. And because of that instead of a special we the fans are getting a series, a television show on Amazon Prime, animated by Titmouse and voiced by the cast. It is insane and awesome and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

My advice to you jump on the bandwagon before you miss out on something fantastic!

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