My Space

Im a firm believer in having a creative space to work in. And by work I mean write.

Im sure im not the only one who believes this. But, I am diligent in crafting my space. Bordering on a wee bit obsessive. Everything must have its place in order for the writing to flow.

My desk is my space. Invade it at your own risk. But in order to write….this is how weird I am…I must have the books that inspire me most visible. I must have my mini Shakespeare statue in sight. I have 2 statues of Buddha to bring me peace. A couple Funko Pop Dolls of badass female characters to remind me that women are capable of being awesome. A Tarot deck to keep the mystical alive in my mind. A handful of memorabilia that reminds me of my family. (Cards, pictures, keepsakes) and last but not least a plastic Halloween skull to remind me death is a powerful force in life and on the page.

And that’s all just on my desk. The wall behind it is a different story. That is full of images.

Ive always been a visual person. The things I see inspire me the most, so my wall is decorated with things that inspire me.

I have the coolest cards ive ever gotten tapped to the wall. I have signed autographs from a couple actors and a comedien taped up there. Ive got a pieces of Tank Girl art my best friend bought me for christmas one year. Ive got a picture with the cast of Crirical Role. And in the center of course I have a massive poster with my frist book cover on it.

Each image is a powerful memory.

Now all that being said, can you imagine how hard it was to put a second monitor up,hiding half of my stuff, all so I can work from home at my desk! 2020 is killing my creative vibes.

Which im sure has happened to a lot of people. So, Ive come up with some advice.

Protect your space as much as you can, but also remember we as humans the incredible ability to adapt. Like a writer changes the story from scene to scene ensuring it flows for the reader, we are changing our stories to cope with the times. The horrors of 2020 will not last. We will be put through hell, but like our characters, we can come out the other side.

Be strong my friends. We may all feel alone right now and out of sorts, but at least we’re all together in that.

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