What’s In A Name?

Many people have asked me in the past, why @TheWritingDruid.

Well I’ll tell ya! A while back, when I was trying to set myself up as a good canadiate for agents, prior to querying my first novel, I read somewhere that it’s good to have a brand. It’s supposed to help you sell youself.

So I sat back and wondered, what could I brand myself as on Twitter? What would easily define me for any potential viewers or readers?

Well, I came up with two things. Writing and Dungeons & Dragons. At the time my life was consumed by them both. It kind of still is, but around that time I was playing a poorly designed Druid (My first D&D Character Ever!) And I was Writing. I am always writing, but back then,I had a book. It was fully formed and ready for agents…or so I thought, but thats another story.

The point is, from those two words I named myself The Writing Druid and now that is me to my core. Always and forever! It’s who I am. It’s a bit quirky, a bit nerdy, and always writing.

It’s me!

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